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  • » Grass assesses your lifestyle and genetic factors to calculate the risk of     Type 2 Diabetes for you.
  • » The report gives you the age at which you may get Diabetes and also   suggests personalized Diet, Exercise and Kitchen recepies combination     schedule by which you can push back or prevent it sucessfully .


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Your GRASS report carries the percentage of Genetic Risk that indicates the age at which Diabetes may occur, depending on all the data, with accuracy of 68-92% depending upon patient's inputs. Genetic Risk will remain same throughout the life,however life style and dietary factors like junk food, rich diet, consumption of alcohol, smoking, stress and zero exercise may trigger Diabetes earlier.


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Susceptibility is the tendency to develop the disease. This tendency depends upon various factors including your age, family history of Diabetes, the excess birth weight. Your ethnicity, a sedentary lifestyle, stress and rich diet also results in increasing the tendency.


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Diet, Exercise, Education, Drugs, DEED is the ultimate word for self care and monitoring blood sugar levels. GRASS gives you the "Suggestions for Prevention" which carries a customized dietary chart and an exercise reference personal to your report. Getting educated on the Diabetes is helpful as much as the drugs which shall be advised by your physician.


William James
William James..
19 Nov, 2013
Diabetes is such an awful disease. We should all be aware of the diabetes risk. This excellent website has really helped me to learn how to take more care of my health, what to eat and how to avoid this avoidable disease. ....
Tamara Kane
Tamara Kane..
09 Oct, 2013
Having met someone with Type 2 Diabetes and learning all the ins and outs of it, I am so grateful to Grass Diabetes for their valuable resources and information at hand and ya will all certainly see and hear a lot more from me as our relationship progresses and I need to know more to be able to help him along, since this is totally new to me. ....
Bob Craine, Attleboro, MA
Bob Craine, A..
10 Sep, 2013
I accessed a report from GRASS, and as the expression goes - the rest is history. I had been getting scores averaging in the high 160's. My glucose level this morning was 109, and that is typical, THANK YOU. A couple of months ago, the good doc said I had diabetes. I thought that it was genetic because my brother and father were diabetics. I want t ....
Dan Brown, PHD
Dan Brown, PH..
02 Sep, 2013
Your report describes the logical application of many studies 'of basic diabetes research worldwide. Your analysis of how your blood glucose levels respond to many dietary alterations is impressive in its detail, and the report clearly explains how you used your body to sort out which research was post relevant to reducing your blood glucose. Your ....

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